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ABM Now Producing 300 Norma Mission Ready Ammunition

Posted by ABM Ammo on 9/23/2016
ABM is proud to announce the release of 300 Norma ammunition loaded with 215 and 230 grain Berger Hybrid Target bullets.  The 300 Norma is an exceptional cartridge, producing high velocities with heavy bullets, while maintaining its inherent precision and consistency in modern rifles.

ABM launches 300 Winchester Magnum 215gr Hybrid Target Mission Ready Round

Posted by ABM Ammo on 7/5/2016

The 215 grain Berger Hybrid is a favorite of 1000 yard shooters. It offers an extremely high ballistic coefficient while achieving a higher velocity than the 230 grain Berger Hybrids are capable of. This load will produce performance from a 300 Win Mag that will rival 338 Lapua ballistics, and provide an excellent extended range option for your 300 Win Mag.

ABM Ammo & Berger Bullets Sponsor NRA World Shooting Championship!

Posted by ABM Ammo on 8/28/2015
ABM Ammo & Berger Bullets are proud to announce that we will be sponsoring the NRA World Shooting Championship in 2015.

260 Rem 130 AR Hybrids Shot 1-Mile

Posted by Sam Barr on 8/4/2015
ABM Production Manager, Sam Barr, shoots our 260 Remington 130 AR Hybrids out to 1 mile!

Brownells, Inc. & ABM Ammo’s LIKE to WIN Facebook Giveaway

Posted by ABM Ammo on 7/24/2015
How would you LIKE to WIN precision ammunition designed by world renowned ballistician Bryan Litz? Now is your chance! We have teamed up with Brownells, Inc. to give 10 lucky winners free ammo of their choice from our Hunt Ready, Mission Ready or Match Ready lines. It’s the LIKE to WIN giveaway and it’s going on now.

Testing Out the New 260 Rem 140gr Hybrids

Posted by Sam Barr on 7/8/2015
This last month I took out some of our brand new 260 Remington 140gr Hybrid Target ammo. I shot the smallest group I've shot to date while sighting the rifle in, then had some great results at the match the next day.

New 260 Remington Ammo Available!

Posted by ABM Ammo on 7/2/2015
ABM Ammo is proud to announce a brand new cartridge addition to our Ammunition lines, the 260 Remington! This cartridge was chosen as our next case option because of its popularity in precision rifle and tactical shooting. Upon initial release of this cartridge we will have two load options available.

ABM Ammo Featured in Gun Digest!

Posted by ABM Ammo on 6/30/2015
Gun Digest recently showcased their "Hot New Ammo" selections for the Summer 2015 issue featuring Applied Ballistics Munitions. This article by Philip Massaro features...

New 308 Winchester Ammo Featuring Berger 185gr Juggernaut Bullets!

Posted by ABM Ammo on 6/24/2015
Our Chief Ballistician, Bryan Litz, has been hard at work in our ballistics lab developing more ABM Ammo using some of Berger's most popular bullet designs. This summer we plan to release several new rounds...

Troy Bennett's Bull Elk

Posted by ABM Ammo on 5/14/2015
Troy Bennett is an active member of the 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) for the United States Army and an avid hunter in his free time. This last hunting season, after coming back from deployment, he only had a short amount of time to get ready for his upcoming DIY Colorado Elk 4th Season rifle hunt. He turned to Applied Ballistics Munitions due to their reputation for being the highest quality ammunition available in the market...

New 338 Lapua Magnum Hunt Ready Ammo

Posted by ABM Ammo on 11/16/2014
We are happy to announce two new additions to the Hunt Ready line of ammunition: the 338 Lapua Magnum 250gr Berger Match Elite Hunter and the 338 Lapua Magnum 300gr Berger Match Elite Hunter.

ABM 300 Win Mag 185 gr Match OTM Tactical Ammo Now Available!

Posted by ABM Ammo on 10/10/2014
ABM 300 Win Mag 185 gr Match OTM Tactical Ammo Now Available!

New Website Launched!

Posted by ABM Ammo on 8/7/2014
We are proud to announce the launch of our brand new website,!

Modern Advancements in Long Range Shooting

Posted by Bryan Litz on 7/7/2014
I’ve recently finished a new book titled: “Modern Advancements in Long Range Shooting”. This is actually the first book in a series which is planned to document the ongoing R&D taking place in my ballistic testing laboratory. The series covers specific tests and projects designed to answer the important questions being asked by modern long range shooters.

Bryan Tries F-TR

Posted by Bryan Litz on 6/23/2014
For those of you familiar with competitive shooting, Bryan Litz has always been a Sling Shooter. Recently, he decided to try his hand in F-TR using his own custom developed loads and a new custom rifle from Pierce Engineering.