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Bryan Litz shooting
Bryan shooting Sling at 1,000 yards.
Bryan Litz has always had a passion for shooting. As he grew, his passion grew into shooting targets at longer distances. When Bryan graduated with his degree in Aerospace Engineering, he worked at the Air Force as a civilian contractor. At the same time, he was an active competition shooter. He competed in and won regional, national, and international rifle competitions by applying his knowledge in the field of ballistics.

Bryan decided to pursue his passion and became part of the Berger Bullets team as their Chief Ballistician. Berger Bullets encouraged Bryan to remain unbiased and continue pursuing research and solutions for others within the industry and for the shooting public. To this end, Bryan established Applied Ballistics, where he would come to develop ballistics tools that are well known throughout the shooting world.

Bryan Litz teaching ballistics
Bryan teaching ballistics at the Southwest Nationals.
Bryan has quickly become known as the top Ballistician in the country, and arguably the world. He has written several books that are considered "must reads" for anyone interested in long range shooting. He teaches a class every February at the Southwest Nationals that has become a "must attend" for Sling and F-Class shooters alike. He has even released an Instruction DVD set that helps beginning to advanced shooters learn all the necessary skills to put rounds on target.

Through Applied Ballistics he has developed the most advanced trajectory prediction tools available such as the Kestrel with Applied Ballistics trajectory application, multiple platform software and apps using his trajectory solver and the Whiz Wheel with Accuracy 1st. Bryan has even worked with various military contractors to do research and development on products so advanced that they aren't available for civilian use.

Bryan Litz doing research and development
Bryan testing load data.
In 2011, Bryan created Applied Ballistics Munitions to fill a growing need for quality ammunition in the target competition and sniper community. ABM quickly became known within the long range shooting world as the best ammunition available in the market. Excited about the possibilities of creating ammunition that could fill needs in the hunting community as well, Berger Bullets purchased ABM from Bryan in 2013 on the condition that he would continue his work in research, development, and testing of all their ammo.

Today, ABM continues to produce the highest quality ammunition from the highest quality components using the most precise and consistent production methods available. ABM has one goal, to create ammunition that improves and enhances the individual shooter's experience. ABM has grown into three different lines of products: Hunt Ready™, Mission Ready™ and Match Ready™. Wherever your journey takes you, your ammo is ready when you are.

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